Daily Tachograph Chart

Daily Tachograph Chart

The 24-hour or Daily Tachograph Chart is the most important and safe way to store the journey data of a cargo or passenger vehicle, such as Speed, Traveled Distance, Movement Time, and Stops. That is why it is also known as “road black box.”

Tachographs are an important tool of the truck driver’s routine. However, it is not enough to have an efficient and quality device if charts of high quality are not employed.

Nowadays, there are two tachograph options in the market: the 7-day or Weekly Tachograph Chart, and the 24-hour or Daily Tachograph Chart, which are employed according to the truck driver’s equipment.

Daily Tachograph Chart certified by Inmetro

The TJR daily tachograph chart is certified by Inmetro, that is, you can use it in your vehicle without any problem.

In addition to Inmetro’s certification, the TJR daily tachograph charts have the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which attests the product’s quality.

Advantages of using the TJR daily tachograph charts

The TJR daily tachograph charts are made with high quality paper imported from Japan and Germany, therefore offering the best cost-benefit of the market.

Daily Tachograph Chart

Daily Tachograph Chart more accurate and safe

Due to its superior quality, the TJR daily tachograph charts help you to measure your travel time, stops, and speed more accurately.

The TJR daily tachograph charts are made to prevent measurement tampering, therefore providing more accurate and trustworthy data.

On top of that, the TJR tachograph charts are universal, that is, they do not require any special equipment to be used.

Where can I find 24-hour tachograph charts?

You can find the TJR 24-hour tachograph charts in our website, and in the best distributors and accessory shops of the market.

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